Sensei Peter Manning 7th Dan has been
practising karate for over 40 years and teaching
for over 20 years. He started karate within the
KUGB (Karate Union of Great Britain) of which
he was a member for many years. Between
1990-1993 he was a founder member and
Senior Instructor with the BSBJK (British
Shotokan Bu Jutsu Kai) which has since
changed names.

Sensei Peter Manning is now the Chairman
and Chief Instructor of the TSKA. He
originally formed the Association in order
to be able to offer Shotokan clubs a group that
would be non-political and friendly, but
that continues to offer a high
standard. For many years
Sensei Manning was
the Vice Chairman of NAKMAS
(National Association of Karate and
Martial Art Schools). He also advised
the NAKMAS Technical Committee on
matters relating to Shotokan Karate.
With a restructure of the NAKMAS
committee Peter was promoted
to the Chair of the newly formed
NAKMAS Technical Committee which
has since been disbanded.
He is a fully qualified coach
(NVQ Level III).

Peter often trains with Senior Shotokan
Japanese and European Instructors as
he is a firm believer that you never stop
learning and that your own standards
should always been maintained which
can only be achieved through training.

Peter was presented with the prestigious Combat Hall of Fame awards in 2001, 2003 and 2012.

He has also, along with other senior instructors, been employed in the security industry in a variety of roles.